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I took the first shot of COVID-19 vaccination today. I had not done it before because I had watched Youtube videos alleging that it would make me sterile (Muslim fear), or gay (Jewish fear), or a slave to the antichrist (Christian fear), or pollute me because it contained cow blood (Hindu fear).

Actually, I did not take it before because I thought it would be a hassle. But surprisingly, it was smooth. The government had set up a site where one could register and choose location to get the shot. I chose the Central Bank's staff clinic which is walking distance from my house in Abuja. I had been resentful of the clinic for a while because it is open only to staff and family of the Central Bank. It galled me that an institution built with public money is closed to the public.

I got the Moderna vaccine, which is apparently the less posh one. In any case, given that the entire continent is relying on white saviors, we ought not to have the bad manners of wanting to choose which to accept.

My arm hurts, I hope that will be the extent of the side effects.

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