Looks like Hurricane Harvey is pummeling the Texas coast, so I fervently wish all of the Everythingians and their loved ones out that way remain safe.

I'm listening to three owls having a hooting concert in the trees on my acreage. The momma and baby raccoon are poking through some of the things on my porch. I found a baby danger noodle in my kitchen. There's a ring-necked black snake that lays eggs inside one of my walls and two or three little snakelets wiggle out from under the stove every year. They're adorable and have issues trying to wiggle away when I try to pop them in a jar. I say hello for a bit and then release them outside. If they grow up they'll catch a lot of field mice. I also hear that catching a baby snake in your house and releasing it gives you a huge boost in karma. I sure could use some.

I wrote two short stories today, both for my MFA degree program. I'm trying to get a few more dark or scary stories together to finish up another collection. After that is completed I'll start working on three or four more science fiction tales to get that collection to a publisher. We'll see how it goes. I also polished a 100-word drabble and sent it out. I'm conversing with a publishing website about running their drabble program.

Today's recommended node is Zephronius' Aunty Leslie and the Disastrous DUI.

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