William August Derleth was born to William Julius and Rose Louise Derleth 24 February, 1909 in Sauk City, Wisconsin, and given the social security number 369-28-1839 WI.

At the age of 16, he sold his first story to Weird Tales. Derleth wrote all throughout his 4 years of university at U of Wisconsin and received a B.A. in 1930. During this time he served briefly as editor on Mystic Magazine.

In the mid-1930s he organised a Ranger's Club for young people, served as clerk and president of the local Board of Education, served as a parole officer, organised a local Men’s Club and a parent-teacher association. He also lectured in American Regional Literature at the University of Wisconsin.

When his friend H.P. Lovecraft died in 1937, Derleth and Donald Wandrei put together a collection of Lovecraft's stories, and tried to get them published. With existing publishers showing little interest, they founded Arkham House in 1939, dedicated to publishing the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The name comes from Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts.

In 1939 Arkham House published The Outsider and Others, a huge collection that contained most of Lovecraft's short stories then known to exist. Derleth and Wandrei soon decided to expand Arkham House and began a regular publishing schedule after its second book, Someone in the Dark in 1941, a collection of some of Derleth's own horror stories.

In 1941 he became literary editor of The Capital Times of Madison, a post he held until his resignation in 1960.

Derleth was married 6 April, 1953 to Sandra Evelyn Winters, and they were divorced 6 years later in 1959. He retained custody of their two children, April Rose and Walden William. In 1960, Derleth began editing and publishing a magazine called Hawk and Whippoorwill, dedicated to poems of man and nature.

He passed 4 July, 1971 in the city of his birth, and is buried in St. Aloysius Cemetery, Sauk City, Wisconsin.

Derleth wrote over 150 short stories and over 100 books during his lifetime. He also wrote under the pseudonyms Stephen Grendon, Kenyon Holmes and Tally Mason.

Short Fiction

    Billington's Wood (unknown) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    The Gorge Beyond Salapunco (unknown)
    The House of Curwen Street (unknown)
    Manuscript of Stephen Bates (unknown) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    Narrative of Winfield Phillips (unknown) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    Bat's Belfry (1926)
    The Coffin of Lissa (1926)
    The Devil's Pay (1926)
    The Elixir of Life (1926) with Marc R. Schorer 
    The Marmoset (1926) with Marc R. Schorer 
    The Black Castle (1927) with Marc R. Schorer 
    The Night Rider (1927)
    The River (1927)
    The Sleepers (1927)
    The Turret Room (1927)
    The Conradi Affair (1928) with Carl W. Ganzlin 
    The Owl on the Moor (1928) with Marc R. Schorer 
    The Philosophers' Stone (1928)
    Riders in the Sky (1928) with Marc R. Schorer 
    The Statement of Justin Parker (1928)
    The Tenant at Number Seven (1928)
    The Tenant (1928)
    The Three-Storied House (1928)
    "Melodie in E Minor" (1929)
    The Deserted Garden (1929)
    A Dinner at Imola (1929)
    He Shall Come (1929)
    The House on the Highway (1929)
    The Inheritors (1929)
    An Occurrence in an Antique Shop (1929)
    Old Mark (1929)
    Scarlatti's Bottle (1929)
    "Just a Song at Twilight" (1930)
    Across the Hall (1930)
    The Lilac Bush (1930)
    A Matter of Sight (1930)
    Mrs. Bentley's Daughter (1930)
    The Pacer (1930) with Marc R. Schorer 
    The Pacer (1930)
    The Portrait (1930)
    The Whistler (1930)
    The Bridge of Sighs (1931)
    The Captain Is Afraid (1931)
    Prince Borgia's Mass (1931)
    The Bishop Sees Through (1932)
    In the Left Wing (1932) with Mark Schorer 
    The Lair of the Star-Spawn (1932) with Mark Schorer 
    Laughter in the Night (1932) with Mark Schorer 
    Red Hands (1932) with Mark Schorer 
    The Shadow on the Sky (1932)
    The Sheraton Mirror (1932)
    Those Who Seek (1932)
    Birkett's Twelfth Corpse (1933)
    The Carven Image (1933) with Mark Schorer 
    An Elegy for Mr. Danielson (1933)
    Nellie Foster (1933)
    The Return of Andrew Bentley (1933) with Mark Schorer 
    The Thing that Walked on the Wind (1933)
    The Vanishing of Simmons (1933)
    The White Moth (1933)
    A Cloak From Messer Lando (1934)
    Colonel Markesan (1934) with Mark Schorer 
    Feigman's Beard (1934)
    A Matter of Faith (1934) with Mark Schorer 
    The Metronome (1934)
    Wild Grapes (1934)
    Mr. Berbeck Had a Dream (1935)
    Muggridge's Aunt (1935)
    Death Holds the Post (1936) with Mark Schorer 
    Lesandro's Familiar (1936)
    The Return of Sarah Purcell (1936)
    The Satin Mask (1936)
    The Telephone in the Library (1936)
    They Shall Rise (1936) with Mark Schorer 
    The Woman at Loon Point (1936) with Mark Schorer 
    Glory Hand (1937)
    McGovern's Obsession (1937)
    The Panelled Room (1937)
    The Shuttered House (1937)
    The Wind from the River (1937)
    Three Gentlemen in Black (1938)
    Logoda's Heads (1939)
    Mrs. Elting Does Her Part (1939)
    The Second Print (1939)
    Spawn of the Maelstrom (1939) with Mark Schorer 
    The Vengeance of Ai (1939) with Mark Schorer 
    The Return of Hastur (1939)as August W. Derleth
    The Drifting Snow (1939)as Stephen Grendon
    After You, Mr. Henderson (1940)
    Bramwell's Guardian (1940)
    The Sandwin Compact (1940)
    "Come to Me!" (1941)
    Altimer's Amulet (1941)
    Beyond the Threshold (1941)
    Compliments of Spectro (1941)
    Ithaqua (1941)
    Here, Daemos! (1942)
    Lansing's Luxury (1942)
    Mrs. Corter Makes Up Her Mind (1942)
    Headlines for Tod Shayne (1942)as August W. Derleth
    Mr. Ames' Devil (1942)as August W. Derleth
    Baynter's Imp (1943)
    McElwin's Glass (1943)
    No Light for Uncle Henry (1943)
    A Thin Gentleman with Gloves (1943)
    A Wig for Miss DeVore (1943)
    No Light for Uncle Henry (1943) as August W. Derleth
    The Dweller in Darkness (1944)
    Lady Macbeth of Pimley Square (1944)
    Pacific 421 (1944)
    The Trail of Cthulhu (1944)
    A Gentleman from Prague (1944)as Stephen Grendon
    Carousel (1945)
    The God-Box (1945)
    The Inverness Cape (1945)
    The Lost Day (1945)
    Mrs. Lannisfree (1945)
    The Watcher from the Sky (1945)
    Alannah (1945) as Stephen Grendon
    A Collector of Stones (1946)
    Pikeman (1946)
    Dead Man's Shoes (1946)as Stephen Grendon
    The Occupant of the Crypt (1947) with Mark Schorer 
    The Churchyard Yew (1947)as Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
    Bishop's Gambit (1947)as Stephen Grendon
    The Extra Passenger (1947)as Stephen Grendon
    The Ghost Walk (1947)as Stephen Grendon
    Mr. George (1947)as Stephen Grendon
    Parrington's Pool (1947)as Stephen Grendon
    A Little Knowledge (1948)
    The Lonesome Place (1948)
    Saunder's Little Friend (1948)
    Something in Wood (1948)
    The Whippoorwills in the Hills (1948)
    Blessed Are the Meek (1948) as Stephen Grendon
    Mara (1948) as Stephen Grendon
    The Night Train to Lost Valley (1948) as Stephen Grendon
    The Tsanta in the Parlor (1948) as Stephen Grendon
    The Tsantsa in the Parlor (1948) as Stephen Grendon
    The Wind in the Lilacs (1948) as Stephen Grendon
    Kingsridge 214 (1949)
    The Slayers and the Slain (1949)
    The Testament of Claiborne Boyd (1949)
    Twilight Play (1949)
    Balu (1949) as Stephen Grendon
    The Blue Spectacles (1949) as Stephen Grendon
    Mrs. Manifold (1949) as Stephen Grendon
    Open, Sesame! (1949) as Stephen Grendon
    The Song of the Pewee (1949) as Stephen Grendon
    The Closing Door (1950)
    The Fifth Child (1950)
    The Island Out of Space (1950)
    The Ormolu Clock (1950)
    Potts' Triumph (1950)
    A Room in a House (1950)
    The Man on B-17 (1950) as Stephen Grendon
    The Keeper of the Key (1951)
    A Knocking in the Wall (1951)
    The Man Who Rode the Saucer (1951)
    The Other Side of the Wall (1951)
    Something from Out There (1951)
    "Who Shall I Say is Calling?" (1952)
    The Black Island (1952)
    The Lost Path (1952)
    McIlvaine's Star (1952)
    The Night Road (1952)
    The Place of Desolation (1952)
    "Sexton, Sexton, in the Wall" (1953)
    The Adventure of the Snitch in Time (1953) with Mack Reynolds 
    Century Jumper (1953)
    A Corner for Lucia (1953)
    The Detective and the Senator (1953)
    The Disc Recorder (1953)
    The Ebony Stick (1953)
    The House in the Valley (1953)
    Invaders from the Microcosm (1953)
    The Maugham Obsession (1953)
    A Traveler in Time (1953)
    Mark VII (1954)
    The Mechanical House (1954)
    The Penfield Misadventure (1954)
    The Place in the Woods (1954)
    The Remarkable Dingdong (1954)
    The Survivor (1954) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    Thinker, Mark VII (1954)
    The Adventure of the Ball of Nostradamus (1955) with Mack Reynolds 
    The Dark Boy (1956)
    The Ancestor (1957) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    The Lamp of Alhazred (1957) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    The Martian Artifact (1957)
    The Peabody Heritage (1957) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    The Seal of R'lyeh (1957)
    Halloween for Mr. Faulkner (1959)
     and "The Pacer" (excerpt) (1959)
    The Shuttered Room (1959) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    Miss Esperson (1962)as Stephen Grendon
    The Adventure of the Intarsia Box (1964)
    By Rocket to the Moon (1965)
    The Dark Brotherhood (1966) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    Ferguson's Capsules (1966)
    The Horror from the Middle Span (1967) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    The House in the Oaks (1971) with Robert E. Howard 
    Innsmouth Clay (1971) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    The Figure with the Scythe (1973) with Mark Schorer 
    The Watchers Out of Time (1974) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    An Eye for History (1975)
    Protoplasma (1975)


    Who Knocks? (1946)
    The Night Side (1947)
    The Sleeping and the Dead (1947)
    Strange Ports of Call (1948)
    The Other Side of the Moon (1949)
    Beyond Time and Space (1950)
    Far Boundaries (1951)
    The Outer Reaches (1951)
    Beachheads in Space (1952)
    Worlds of Tomorrow (1953)
    Portals of Tomorrow (1954)
    Time to Come (1954)
    Dark Mind, Dark Heart (1962)
    New Worlds for Old (1963)
    The Sleeping and the Dead (abridged) (1963)
    The Time of Infinity (1963)
    The Unquiet Grave (1963)
    From Other Worlds (1964)
    Travellers by Night (1967)
    Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (1969)
    Dark Things (1971)
    The Lurker at the Threshold (1971) with H.P. Lovecraft
    New Horizons: Yesterday's Portraits of Tomorrow (1998)


    Not Long for This World (1948)
    The Survivor and Other Stories (1957) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    The Mask of Cthulhu (1958)
    The Trail of Cthulhu (1962)
    Mr. George and Other Odd Persons (1963) as Stephen Grendon
    The Watchers Out of Time and Others (1974) with H.P. Lovecraft 
    Harrigan's File (1975)


    Incubus (1934)
    Omega (1934)
    To a Spaceship (1934)
    Man and the Cosmos (1935)
    "Only Deserted" (1937)
    The Shores of Night (1947)
    Providence: Two Gentlemen Meet at Midnight (1948)
    Jacksnipe Over (1971)
    Something Left Behind (1971)


    Introduction (The Mask of Cthulhu) (unknown)
    Foreword (Who Knocks?) (1946)
    Foreword (The Night Side) (1947)
    Introduction (The Sleeping and the Dead) (1947)
    Foreword (Not Long for This World) (1948)
    Introduction (Strange Ports of Call) (1948)
    Introduction (The Other Side of the Moon) (1949)
    Introduction (Beyond Time and Space) (1950)
    Foreword (The Outer Reaches) (1951)
    Introduction (The Haunter of the Dark) (1951)
    Introduction (Beachheads in Space) (1952)
    Introduction (Worlds of Tomorrow) (1953)
    Foreword (Time to Come) (1954)
    Introduction (Beachheads in Space) (1954)
    Introduction (Portals of Tomorrow) (1954)
    Introduction (Worlds of Tomorrow) (1955)
    Foreword (Dark Mind, Dark Heart) (1962)
    Foreword (Time to Come) (1963)
     And His Work (1963)
     And His Work (1963)
    Introduction (Mr. George and Other Odd Persons) (1963)
    Introduction (Worlds of Tomorrow) (1963)
    Introduction (Beachheads in Space) (1964)
    Introduction (From Other Worlds) (1964)
    Foreword (The Night Side) (1966)
    Foreword (The Unspeakable People) (1969)
    : Master of Fantasy (1974) with Donald Wandrei

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