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The Automatkarbin 5 (automatic-carbine 5) or AK5 is the main assault rifle in use by the Swedish military today.

When trials started in the 1970s, there was a serious lack of assault rifles in the Swedish armed forces. In an event of a mobilization only about 40% of the armed forces could have been equipped with automatic weapons (AK4 and Submachinegun m/45) and it was estimated that about 300.000 more assault rifles was needed.

The alternatives was to buy more Ak 4 or purchase a new weapon. Considering that the rest of the world was heading for a smaller and lighter caliber weapons and the estimated costs of the choices it was decided to purchase a new weapon. Between 1970 and -75 the following weapons were put through strict trials:

The American
Colt M16
Stoner 63A1
Armalite Ar18
The Austrian Steyr Aug
The Italian Beretta M70
The Israeli Imi Galil.
The Belgian
The Swedish FFV 890 C
The Swiss Sig 540.
And the German Hk 33.

For the final trials at the beginning of the 80s two weapons remained: FFV 890 C och FN FNC. They turned out superior, primarily in winter performance and durability. FFV 890 C was a Swedish modified Galil which in its construction is based on the Ak 47 and the finnish M62 but in caliber 5.56x45mm. After the final trials FN FNC was declared the winner. The weapon was modified in three stages 1981/82, 1982/83, 1983/84 and was adopted after tests at FJS (The Paratrooper School) 1985. The first delivery was in 1986.

Two variants of the AK5 exists:
AK5b, which is an AK5 fitted with cheekrest and dusk-dioptre scope.
And AK5c fitted with an M203 grenade launcher.

Weight: 4600gr. - Full magazine: 600 gr.
Caliber: 5.56x45mm.
Clip: 30 rounds.
Mechanical Rate of Fire: 11 shots per second.
Muzzle Velocity: 930 meters/second.

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