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He was seventeen years old
-- and, in honesty, his father's flesh had barely turned cold --
when a familiar voice behind him said
I wish he hadn't done that

Which implied a welcome absolution
because, as grownups
-- or, in honesty, halfway grown --
we forget some things which all kids know

that monsters are obviously real
and that he started it is a perfectly good defense
And there was not really a lot to suggest otherwise.

Avery had a plan worked out in seconds
which was a good thing, because
-- if we are being honest with each other here --
he himself had frozen up the moment after, as though the jolt in his hands had paralyzed him
but Avery said the keys are in the bowl, the car is down on the corner,
the cash is in the empty coffee tin,
I know how to drive a stick if you don't

There's nobody going to miss this building if it burns

-- in all honesty --
was true
just like the rest

So he ended up alone
in a dingy small apartment
eating noodles, catching up with Avery
-- who, in honesty, had had some rough times --
for months


And this is a happy ending, because
-- in all honesty --
while some things, like a Teddy bear, are lost forever
other things are always waiting
right where we left them.

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