An expression of extreme satisfaction. Often initiated by the possesion or even thought of two hundred and forty dollars worth of pudding.

One of my co-workers is unbelievably annoying, and a fraction of that is because he says "Awww yeah..." literally every couple of minutes. I fucking hate it. Over the previous week it's practically all that he was capable of saying. And since this is the guy featured in Why my co-worker, "Bob," is an idiot, it's like having a sunburn scraped. He says it the exact same way every time, to nearly any kind of stimulus, the fuckwit.

The company may as well set a damn Furby or Tickle-Me-Elmo in his chair. Hell, any styrofoam-filled shelf-warmer with a pull-string and a few catch phrases. Their troubleshooting skills would be similar.

Other things he says constantly are:

  • "It's all good"
  • "10-4 on that"
  • "Roger that"

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