A French Canadian exclamation. Roughly, it means Yikes! Yeowch! Ouch! or when exaggerated Jinkies!

Most often pronounced "eye-yoY". Ayoille is often exaggerated, the degree to which depends upon the exasperation level of the person using the word.

Ayoille is based on the word Oille (Ouch!). It is used by Francophones, Anglophones, and people who speak both (called franglais or frenglish)

Often heard after surprising news, after a joke or before something boring or unpleasant needs to be done.

Doctor: "You're going to have a baby."
You: Ayoille!!!

Sotte: "So the duck says 'Do you have any nails'..."
You: Ayoille...

==before taking out the trash== Ayoille *sigh*

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