BOB Trailers

The cyclist's best friend since it carries all their junk for them and eradicates the need for a car. Cyclist had tried for years to carry a large amount of stuff around on their bikes without having to look like Mr. Universe with a 40 lb backpack on a cross-country trek. Innovative people have come up with many ways of getting around having to carry the pack itself by sticking wheels on a rucksack or even putting a leash on one of those wheely suticase deals. It struck one company, however, it was high time to soothe the aching backs and embarassed faces of cyclists everywhere.

In 1991 the idea for rigging a device to your bike to drag all your general stuff around was tackled by Beast Of Burden (BOB) trailers. Taking an old undesirable beach cruiser, they scrapped it for parts (honestly that's all a beach cruiser is good for these days) and created a single wheel trailer out of the frame.

Next the BOB fellas looked at their rusty ol frame and thought, "How do we get people on a bike to haul this thing around?" As they scratched their heads and looked up to see a fella trudging along with his wheely suitcase being tugged behind him by a rope attached to his seat, they thought, "COOL!" and started making the BOB attachment system which soon became the worldwide innovation.

All bikes have a rear axle and so the BOB fellas thought it a great place to stick an attachment for a trailer. After all, isn't that what a trailer is meant to do? Trail the thing you are using to tote it around? From this point on the rear axle you get optimal towing performance, excellent aerodynamics, the lowest center of gravity, and compatibility with full suspension bikes.

The BOB trailer can carry up to 70lbs and is extremely durable. The most popular trailer is known as the Yak and has been tested from the Great Dividing Range to the Pacific Ocean by various cyclist. There are several different versions of the trailer that can be specially suited for one's needs and they can also be custom made. The BOB company also makes strollers and constantly improve on both the stroller and trailer designs from constant feedback of those who purchase the products.

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