BSS is a school in between Belleville, Ontario, Canada and Trenton, Ontario, Canada. BSS stands for Bayside Secondary School. At BSS there is a special period called MSIP. There are approximately 750 students that attend BSS and they all hate MSIP.

Also a skinhead group in Sweden. "Bevara Sverige Svenskt": Keep Sweden Swedish. One of the members of Ace of Base, Ulf, was a former member of this group.

BSS, Base Station Subsystem is a part of Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN).

It's needed to support Mobile Stations' (MS) connection to Mobile Switch Center (MSC) via Air Interface (Um).
Most visible part of an BSS is Base Station Tranceiver (BTS) which consists the BTS equipment and an antenna which can be located i.e. on the wall of building or on the masts all over the rural area.

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