Wir nehmen Dein Kind wenn niemand es will.

We take your child if nobody (else) wants it.

The slogan of the "baby depositories" (German: Babyklappe) that have been installed in three hospitals in Berlin.

A baby depository is a place where mothers can give their children to a care organisation anonymously, without fear of legal prosecution, no questions asked.

The depository is a heated box let into the wall of the hospital. It is not observed by anybody. After the baby is put in, the box locks itself to protect the baby. After waiting for a few minutes, to make sure the mother can get away, a doctor is alerted by the box mechanism. The child is then thoroughly medically checked and given to a care family, and later made available for adoption.

The reason for these baby depositories is to prevent babies from being neglected or even killed by desperate mothers who for some reason can't keep their child. It is a better alternative to abortion.

The baby depositories are supported by the hospitals (St. Joseph-Krankenhaus, Krankenhaus Neukölln, Krankenhaus Waldfriede), the Caritasverband für Berlin e.V. and the Diakonisches Werk Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

The information is from the official website: http://www.babyklappe-berlin.de/

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