Back when I was making music for money, this was my favorite song on the setlist each night. I'm no great shakes as a guitar player, but I must tell you that I was able to put some feeling into these licks. This guitar line in this song is so perfectly perfect. It comes in on the perfect beat; it lasts the perfect amount of time; and the melody is a perfect fit for the mood of the song.

There are some other Pretenders' songs I dearly love, such as "Don't Get Me Wrong" and Kid; but this is the best song they ever did. I know that little crazy Chrissie must have been talking about one of the folks in her life who had died recently. There was more than one who fit that category. (Just say no to heroin, boys and girls.)

But when the smoke was thick in the room and we were in the middle of the second set, just when the drugs had started to really kick in, nothing thrilled my little fast-beating heart more than turning the volume up a couple of notches and playing that wonderful dah dah dah dah dah du dah introduction.

The telephone, the television, and the News of The World
Has gotten into the house like a pigeon from Hell.

Yes, Chrissie; that's true for us all, dear.

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