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Decent 1991 film about two brothers (played by Kurt Russell and William Baldwin) who are firefighters in Chicago. Also stars Robert De Niro, Scott Glenn, and Donald Sutherland in a scary turn as firebug Ronald Bartel. Also features Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rebecca De Mornay in largely irrelevant roles. Directed by Ron Howard.

Lots of drama and effects, loving camerawork on the fires, not too much plot. The fires are heavy on colo(u)rful flames, and remarkably light on dirty, scene-obscuring smoke.

Goofs: Watch the ECG monitor keep on ticking along in the ambulance during one of the touching final scenes.

Trivia (from www.imdb.com): Apparently the film's production company refurbished six fire engines for the film's mythical battalion 25. Once the film was complete, 5 of the 6 were donated Chicago Fire Department. The truck which flips over in a crash near the end of the film was destroyed for the shot, and so was not donated.

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