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Bad Sistuh met Tyrannacancer.

Tyrannacancer said, "Yo. You be good."

"What good?" say Bad Sistuh.

"What I say good, good. You be Good Sistuh now. You smile. You phone. No whining if Sister don't call back, she in my power now. I skunk the bitch worse if you bad. Send letters. Don't write too much, now. Ask how Sister is. Be nice. Mad is not nice, all whiny because Sister don't gots time for you ain't nice, she don't need yo sad, you handle it yo own self."

"Fuck you, Tyrannacancer. My Sister, she want me real."

Tyrannacancer laugh and laugh. "Try it, honey bitch. And good luck to you. Remember, if you fuck up, it your fault she die." Tyrannacancer stomp off, crushing hearts and hopes all along the way.

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