From the Archives of Banality: "That Special Someone"

Movies and love stories have given us a lot of preparation (brainwashing?) for meeting “that special someone,” falling in love, and getting married; the latter, of course, being the ultimate ending of the “chick flick.” But there are few, if any, movies that deal with the actual grinding through the mechanics of marriage on a day-to-day, tactical level.

We have all the romance up front, be we don’t know what to do after that. We have no model except for what we might have observed on TV sitcoms or from our parents. When trouble comes, those models have proven unreliable. What do we do?

Many people choose the harmonious and mythical “perfect relationship” including 1970s TV shows such as The Brady Bunch or to the cynical sit-coms of the 1980s in the line of “Married... with Children.”

Maybe there is just no way to make marriage seem interesting to the outside observer. The dissolution of marriage has proven interesting enough to make movies out of (Kramer vs. Kramer, etc.). But not the day-to-day grind where most marrieds live.

Ba*nal"i*ty (?), n.; pl. Banalities (#). [F. banalit'e. See Banal.]

Something commonplace, hackneyed, or trivial; the commonplace, in speech.

The highest things were thus brought down to the banalities of discourse. J. Morley.


© Webster 1913.

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