There were no somewhat frightening fire escapes to walk her onto and no flat rooftops with views of dark alleyways. There were no picturesque spots to take her, to give her the angle I wanted to show her. We drove around in her Nova for hours as I tried to explain what I was thinking about.

Just tell me, it's OK..just describe it for me...

But I really couldn't put it into words, because it felt so past much greater than a few syllables of was all that and so many more things. I was gonna give up and just tell her nevermind, but when we pulled into her driveway I noticed that her dad had left a ladder on one side of her house.


-and we did, and we climbed up onto the roof and slid up the side that faced their clean and geometric backyard. Thousands of quiet yards and roofs beneath us, squares of lights from windows and long lines of wires sweeping in and under trees. If you looked close (and we did) you could see some stars in between the green and red plane traffic overhead.

OK she said, slightly out of breath, eyes bright at close range- What is it-can you tell me now?

"No, but I can show you."-I told her to close her eyes and let me stand behind her and hold onto her belt loops-"Now, lean over and open your eyes"

OhmyGod she whispered...Be careful, OK..don't let go..... all right?

My silence was her answer and a few seconds later she giggled outloud.

OK, I get it. Damn I'm glad I don't make you feel like you got hit by a truck... "

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