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This region is north of the Orange river and west of Transvaal. Includes the Okanvango Swamps and parts of the Kalahari desert.

This is mostly the country of Botswana, which is part of the region of southern africa. It's some of the dustier parts of the interior of southern africa.

It is the place of the Bechuana people. This is now written differently: the place is Botswana, the people are Batswana, and the language is Tswana or Setswana. As you may or may not have guessed by the general geographic location and the use of prefixes in the language, this is a bantu language spoken by a bantu people.

This territory was divided in 1885 by the British colonial overlords: The southern part became British Bechuanaland, on the northern end of the British Cape Colony. Thereby it became part of South Africa. During the apartheid era it contained the bantustan of "The Republic of Bophuthatswana". After the subdivision of the provinces in 1994, when 4 provinces became 9; it is in the Northern Cape and North West Provinces of South Africa.

The northern part of Bechuanaland was also indirectly under British rule as the "Bechuanaland Protectorate", adminstered from Mafiking (which oddly enough was not in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, but in British Bechuanaland, and is now the capital of the North West Province). This territory became independant as Botswana in 1966.

The line of division, now part of the border between South Africa and Botswana, is the Molopo river, which is a dry watercourse for most of the year.

http://uk.geocities.com/landswapen/9prov/NorthWest.html has information of the North West Province.

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