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Authors: John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan
Pages: 214
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Nashville
Reviewed by: cecil36
ISBN: 0-7852-7100-7 (hardcover edition)
Rating: 9 (on a scale from 1 to 10)
Summary: In-depth look on leadership development from the perspective of a well-known leadership trainer and mentor, and the perspective of a successful business owner.

This book was written as a teaching tool for people who wish to better themselves as leaders within their organizations. John C. Maxwell, with his knowledge of leadership through ministry, and Jim Dornan, with his business background, share their insights as to what makes a person of influence. Using personal references and experiences, they explain influence by breaking the word INFLUENCER down into an acrostic (see table of contents).

What I liked about this book is that both Maxwell and Dornan share their insights in a conversational setting. The reader would feel that they are seated in a den or around a table with the authors and would be participating in a discussion about what makes a person an influencer of others. John Maxwell lends credibility to the topic through his experience in ministry, particularly in the area of increasing the size of the congregation at many churches he has pastored at or has offered assistance to. Jim Dornan uses his personal experiences from developing his marketing company from a in-home startup to offices across the globe.

While reading this book, keep in mind that many of the principles of leadership are rooted in religion, and many passages from the Bible are cited within. People who are not very religious may be turned off because of this. I enjoyed the book because of what I've gained from learning from two respected leaders in the business world.

I would recommend this book for anyone who wishes to better themselves or to better their business, team, etc., by developing the people that follow them. As mentioned earlier, the book is written in a conversational style that anyone can enjoy.

Table of Contents

  1. A Person of Influence Has... Integrity with People
  2. A Person of Influence... Nurtures Other People
  3. A Person of Influence Has... Faith in People
  4. A Person of Influence... Listens to People
  5. A Person of Influence... Understands People
  6. A Person of Influence... Enlarges People
  7. A Person of Influence... Navigates for Other People
  8. A Person of Influence... Connects with People
  9. A Person of Influence... Empowers People
  10. A Person of Influence... Reproduces Other Influencers
Notes (contains references and other works containing passages cited within the book)

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