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Almost everyone is addicted to caffeine. This is really not that surprising, drinking Coke makes you more popular, casues women (or men) to flock to you as if you were better than something really good and its marketed toward children. So they have you addicted to caffeine, its time to move past that. Its time to come to terms with what you are. We are all modern analogues to vampires. Wake up in the morning, drink some blood. Have lunch, drink some blood. Get home, drink some blood. As soon as the sun goes down and your work is done, collapse into your coffin. Admittedly, most people don't have an inverted sleep pattern -- yet. Ask a hacker, they'll tell you what happens. The only reason you stay up during the day is because work is open from 8am till 5pm. I'm not sure if caffeine makes you sensitive to garlic or sunlight, or if it makes you immortal, but I intend to find out.

Hah! You think drinking too much coffee is hardcore? Bullshit, that real stuff is staying up for a week on crank.

You'll learn the meaning of the word "zombie".

I mean sure, it's all fun and games when it starts off, just a line to help pass the time, but before you know it, BAM! It's 3 pm the next day, and you're standing in 7-11, a blank look on your face as you teeter slightly, trying to decide what kind of gum you want(it keeps the jaws busy).

And suuuuure, coffee'll make you vampire, but you dont ever see yuppies ripping out car-decks or giving blowjobs for a Starbucks double-mocha!

I think crank is the way more hardcore version of coffee.

In reality, coffee is just a gateway drug to speed and cocaine.

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