A one-man, one-piano hardcore classical riot. The first time I heard this piece, I was in a college music class with about twenty other people. By the end of the fist movement, we were all breathless, shaken, and stunned. Don't get me wrong, I love Korn and all, but next to the almighty Beethoven, Korn sounds like elevator music.

Some interesting bits: The Appassionata (which means "Impassioned") was either the first or among the very first Sonatas written specifically for the piano. Remember, at that time, the pianoforte was a new invention--previously, everything was done on a harpsichord, which of course only plays things at one volume. Beethoven wrote this one for the pianoforte (meaning soft-loud) and arranged to play it for the King--who, incidentally, was one of very few people who actually had one of these fancy instruments. Believe me, NOBODY can take advantage of loud and soft like Beethoven. The first time he played the Appassionata, at court for a bunch of important people, he broke the piano just by playing that hard. (Amazingly, he was not shot for destroying a sickeningly expensive handcrafted musical instrument, but only because he was, well, Beethoven.) Well, of course, they gave him another piano to work with, but not before begging him to go easy on it.

He was then forbidden, for the rest of his life, to ever EVER play the Appassionata again in front of an unmarried woman. Several maidens and damsels and whatnot had suffered hot flashes, dizziniess, and "overexcitement"...one woman passed out on the floor (supposedly of offended outrage, but popular opinion holds that the incredibly passionate music gave her an orgasm right there in front of everybody).

Beethoven is the shit.

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