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A Poem in the Before Choice Disturbs collection

Before Choice Disturbs

Let me skit for awhile
on the rim of my dreams,
of pockets bulging with credit cards
with stratospheric limits
of wide marble frontiers
for me to spread perfectly prepared
gourmet food.
Hands, that overflow with
change for the homeless,
but don't neglect the smooth
leather Cinematique seats.

Let me have these moments when I
rush through city foot traffic,
claiming to collect my thoughts,
only refering to my pager.

Let me be a hypocrite-- giving lip service
to being bohemian
living off Fruit Loops and Kraft dinners--
secretly wanting that 35th floor apartment.
Private elevator. Southern exposed glass wall.
Angled Terrace. Ulcer and all.

Let me skit for a while.
Young, a giant, straddling the
river. A foot on either shore.
In the moments, tick-tock moments
before choice disturbs.

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