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Enemy data c/o game data files and source

CLASS: Beheaded Kamikaze
METABOLISM: cyber-zombie
PERCEPTION: insentient, LCU controlled
SIZE: 6 ft
ENDURANCE: very low
HOSTILITY: extreme
WEAPONS: hand grenades
THREAT: high
HEALTH: 19.5


An executed Sirian soldier, raised from the dead by Mental and remote controlled by Life Control Unit (LCU). The head of the Kamikaze has been ruined, so he is employed for suicidal attacks. Carries two bombs in his hands and activates them when close enough to the target.

- Explodes when killed

Do you hear that sound, Mister Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability...

Of all the enemies in Serious Sam, the Kamikaze is unique. The werebull can be avoided; the gnaar can be outrun; the reptiloid's magical attacks can be intercepted; even the mighty biomech's missiles can be dodged or shot down. The kamikze is different. Like death and taxes it is utterly inevitable -- it cannot be dodged, it cannot be stopped, it cannot be outrun... It will catch you, and it will kill you...

Unless you kill it first.

As soon as you hear its trademark screaming (and you will), drop everything and scan the horizon. A close-up kamikzae must be disposed of ASAP -- one spotted at a distace can give you enough time to deal with the immediate situation beforehand.

Kamikazes explode with a prodigious amount of splash damage when killed. Use this to your advantage... groups of kamis can set each other off with great ease, and destonating one while he's in proximity to a larger foe can take them both out, saving much ammunition.

Fear the kamikze. Respect the kamikaze.

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