So there's this guy, right? Actually, there might not be, I became increasingly less convinced. No don't worry, this isn't one of those stories. Anyway, it was around 11:00 when I first saw this guy, or thought I did. He was my height, with dark hair as short as mine used to be, and with tinted glasses, presumably sunglasses rather than like mine. I'd just crossed a road, and walked passed a window. I thought nothing of it at the time, it wasn't until a few minutes later that I looked down at my shoes and realised what I was wearing. The reflection in the glass had been wearing a striped shirt and jeans, not unlike something I might be found in, but most unlike the pressed shirt and shorts I was currently wearing. "Meh, I'd always half wondered if I had a double in the same city," I thought, "Of course I didn't get more than a glimpse though."

Some time later, I saw the figure a few metres in front of me on the footpath. "Ah-hah!" I exclaimed. His walk was wrong, or rather the fact that he was walking was, for I am rarely to be seen walking. I realised this as I leapt down a flight of six or so stairs without touching any. 13:00, and still this man was always somewhere just within sight but too far away to touch. I decided to try to make contact, I mean, maybe it was actually me. I slipped down a side passage, waiting for him to pass, assuming he would continue on his current route. But he didn't, I waited for nearly ten minutes, and he didn't appear.

I continued on my way, deep in thought. "Hey, Scout!" A voice called out from behind me, and I whirled around. I recognised the face of the speaker, but my gaze continued straight past them to a figure of myself standing at a curb a few metres beyond. I dashed towards it, waiting for them to try to escape again, but they didn't move. A wave of pedestrians ejected from the intersection crossing, blocking my view. I fought my way through them, only to fail to be able to locate them again.

14:00 - On a bus, on the way home. Am I going insane?

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