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The art of tapping phone lines. This easy but fun activity is named after the color of the first (well, first written about) phone used to tap a line.

The general process of Beige Boxing consists of:
1. Finding a telephone network interface. Usually found in small grey boxes on the sides of houses or other buildings. Sometimes, phreaks will hit the jackpot and find large boxes containing up to 50 or more lines.
2. Either disconnecting the current line and plugging in (the easy method), or using alligator clips to hook up to the contacts (red and green) to hear what’s already on the line. This second method is preferred because it won’t interrupt the phone service on the line until you make a call.

Beige boxing is illegal in the United States, thus adds to its popularity among rebel children. Beige Boxing has sometimes been referred to as a form of Culture Jamming. Beige Boxing can also be used for Revenge and Mischief by racking up huge phone bills on a tapped line.

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