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Bella has heartbreaker hair and worse eyes, she is what men can't help but watch. Curled on the couch she is somehow both lean and juicy; brown knees and thighs a naked shock between skirt and high boots.

When she thinks no one is watching (but someone is always watching, and she knows) she smoothes the hem of her skirt, that's how it looks, but what she is really doing is adjusting the hem upward. Two more inches of resilient thigh, a gift for us all.

I bear her no malice; she is only using her tools. If I had not seen her using them, I might have been caught.
Bella doesn't ever think she is pretty.

Bella didn't grow up pretty.

Bella's not particularly charismatic or intelligent - only sort of. Bella never received much attention, until she started to grow into her looks. Now, like some sort of junkie, Bella's greedy soul (aren't we all) wants the nourishment that comes from adoration (don't we all?). This kind of behaviour and the ensuing result may be rotting her from the inside out, but she believes it prevents her from being swept away by the not-caring everywhere else.

Bella doesn't know what specific kind of care her attention-seeking brings; she's not a man, and she probably knows less about men than she lets on. All she knows is that these actions bring about a swift and pleasant reaction. She doesn't understand why no one stays.

Bella, like you, just wants to be loved.

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