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Ben Fuller, or Uncle Ben as he was commonly refered as, was born in Michigan and went to the Naval Academy. Like the three previous commandants Neville, Lejeune, and Barnett, after his two years of sea service, he elected to take a commission in the Marine Corps. Fuller was a member of the first class at the School of Application.

After graduating, he served at sea in the Spanish-American War, fought in the Phillippines and was a part of the march to Peking. In World War I, he served as a commander of the 2nd Provisional Brigade in Santo Domingo. Later, Fuller would bring his troops into Haiti.

In 1928, Lejeune made Fuller his assistant commandant and he continued during at the same position during Neville's term.

After Neville left office, he was made Commandant of the US Marine Corps. Roosevelt was president during his time and in 1933 had Fuller bring the troops home from Nicaragua and in 1934 from Haiti. This was part of Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy.

Information for this node was taken from http://hqinet001.hqmc.usmc.mil/HD/Historical/Frequently_Requested/Commandants.htm

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