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I believe there was a popularised name for the particular amphetamine contained in Benzedrine (trademark) that was "benzphetamine". It may have been laevo-amphetamine or something in its more 'sciency' naming convention, but imagine taking something that you want to get a zing from that's called laevodrine? Nope - benzedrine sounds much more zingy for sure!

1-phenyl-2-propylamine, C9H13N

   CH2    NH2
  /   \  /
Ph     CH

The simplest of the amphetamine group of stimulants, often known by its trivial name of amphetamine. Remarkably easy to synthsize from certain precursors, which are now quite hard to get in the UK. Harder to synth from much simpler chemicals;
           CH2    NH2              CH2    NH2
          /   \  /      AlCl3     /   \  /
C6H6   + Cl    CH         =>  Ph     CH      +  HCl
               |         HUR           |
               CH3                     CH3

Benzene                       1-phenyl-2-propylamine

Obviously this is dangerous etc if you don't know how to do it properly so don't try this at home. It's also illegal.

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