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A Christian superhero, who defeats evil sinners with the Good Book. Played by Willie Aames of "Charles in Charge" and "Zapped!" fame.

Essentially, Bibleman is meant to be a ministry aimed at youth. By watching Bibleman, children are (allegedly) supposed to become good Christians. Bibleman tours across the USA with live shows; one can also buy videos.

His costume looks super-heroish enough. It's purple, with exaggerated muscles and a gladiator-looking helmet. Bibleman looks like he could kick your butt. But he doesn't, because violence is bad.

Instead, Bibleman beats villians such as the Prince of Pride, Dr. Fear, the Master of Misery, El Furioso, the Fibbler and the Shadow of Doubt by simply trusting in God. For instance, in the video episode titled "Conquering the Wrath of Rage," El Furioso has created a magical Gold Fury Dust that enrages any person it touches. When this dust touches Bibleman, he must contain his anger and trust in God instead. Thus, the day is won.

Bibleman has a few sidekicks, such as Cypher, Coats and U.N.I.C.E. (Universal Intelligence Computing Entity). Some of the evil henchmen include Ludicrous, L.U.C.I (Link to Underhanded Computer Influences), D.I.R.T. (Demons Inventing Rotten Tricks).

Bibleman's alter ego is Miles Peterson, a wealthy man whose life changed when he read the Bible. It is unclear whether he gets his powers directly from God or indirectly; there is reference to an unlimited power grid that fuels Bibleman. But in the end, it all comes from the Big Guy.

An interesting interview with Aames is here -- http://www.nrb.org/magarchives/september00/..%5Cjuly00%5C..%5Cjune00%5C..%5CMay%2000%5CChristianitys%20Caped%20Crusader.htm

Bibleman's official site is here -- http://www.bibleman.com/

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