Years falling back in order to remember. Boston, my aunt Jennie picked me up in what I recall to be a K car. We went to her appartment, put on music and talked for a while. A small but interesting place. She let let me look over some of her cool old comics, odd and neat. Later she offered me something to drink. Tap water? Juice? Big blue? "I found it in the vending machine at work (the post office)." Pure deep blue, simple generic label. It knows full well that it is a combination of sugar, water, coloring, and definitely some unlisted cancerous agents. A no bullshit type of drink, qualities I would later find in Orlando Sun.

1994 French film, directed by Luc Besson. French title La Grande Bleu. US release is supposed to be a mockery of the original. Starring Rosanna Arquette, Jean-Marc Barr. Also stars Jean Reno, one of the reasons to watch the movie. This film has something of a cult status among scuba divers, although it is actually about skindiving. Beautiful Mediterranean scenery. Hypnotic sequence shot under polar icecap. Literally a movie that makes you hold your breath.

Interesting physiological fact:

The need to breathe is caused by accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood, not by lack of oxygen. Skindivers make use of this fact and hyperventilate before a dive. However, lack of oxygen can lead to loss of consciousness, even before the need to breathe kicks in.

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