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A company that manufactures tremolo tailpieces (also known as whammy bars or vibrato attachments) for various types of guitars. The tailpiece allows the guitarist to bend notes down or up, creating a special effect that has been used to the best effect in surf rock. They are often seen on large twangy Gretsch guitars, such those played by Brian Setzer.

If you are considering adding one to your guitar, and you know a little about what you are doing, the tailpiece isn't too hard to install. There are many different models, and they are specific to the type of guitar you'll be putting it on (so make sure you know which one to get for your guitar). Concise, useful instructions come packaged with the piece, although I've found them to be a bit vague. Of course, you could always turn the installation over to a trained professional luthier.

I'm no expert, but, with a slight alteration to the bridge, I have successfully installed a Bigsby model B5 onto my Fender Telecaster.

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