It's little wonder why birds are such a treasured creature to humans. No matter the weather, the environment, or the season, there always seems to be a little sparrow, longspur, robin, or warbler chirping its heart away nearby! The constant joyousness of our avian friends is uplifting and inspiring to us humans.

Bird lovers range greatly in age and location. The reasons for birdwatching's popularity are various. Birds are abundant in our world, and traveling to see them is usually simple. Colorful and active, birds tend to be easy to spot--especially with the constant chirping and fluttering. Also, everyone has a basic understanding of birds; so learning more about them isn't an intimidating task.

The fun of birdwatching is in the studying of them. Identifying birds based on their color, song, and looks is a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Of course, tracking bird migration is also marvelously inspiring. Seeing birds work together efficiently and consistently is always a reminder that humans aren't alone in cunning.

Most impressive is birdwatching's popularity. An estimated 31 million North Americans enjoy the recreation, making it the second most popular hobby there (after gardening). The Audubon Society is the most famous bird-loving collective with 550,000 members.


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