Pronounced "Bit Charge", the Bit Char-Gs and their brethren are among the smallest radio controlled vehicles out there, practically limited to tabletop racing, or for the more enthusiastic, custom tracks built to accomodate the tiny things.

The racers consist of a small, standard chassis, onto which any standard body shape can be mounted. The car is driven by a rear-mounted miniature electric motor, and powered by a small rechargeable battery. To charge the battery, the car is mounted on the radio controller, and sucks power from the controller's 2 AA batteries. The charge takes around 45 seconds (indicated by controller-mounted LEDs), and lasts for a few minutes, depending on driving style.

For the average racer, this is all you need to know. The controller is a simple digital go/stop/left/right affair, and at least two frequencies are available for purchase at any one location, so you and a buddy can satisfy your Micro Machines racing needs without any trouble. For the hobbyist, however, almost every part of the cars can be upgraded. The average, and slowest motor is the 10000RPM model, with 20+k and 30+k RPM models available. Custom gears, tyres, suspension and bodies are also abundant, for vastly inflated prices that hobbyists are willing to pay

Also spawning from their cult popularity are the imitation brands, many of which are of reasonable quality, some of questionable quality, but in true hobbyist nature, none will be seen as equivalent to the originals, manufactured by Tomy.

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