1951-57 Official publication of the Black Mountain College. Published a great deal of poetry. In 1951, it was originally intended as a means to publish the work of the faculty and students of the school. A single edition came out at that point. A second was prepared, but never printed for lack of funds.

Then in 1954, Robert Creeley and Charles Olson put together a new publication with the same name. It included work from writers outside of BMC. It printed poetry, stories, essays, letters, and reviews. It also included some visual art in the form of drawings and photographs.

In 1957, the last issue boasted Allen Ginsberg as the contributing editor. It included work by a number of Beat Generation people; Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder, William S. Burroughs, Michael McClure, and a negative review of Ginsberg's poem Howl.

Another issue was completed, but by this point the College had ceased to exist. Black Mountain Review was reprinted again in the 1960's.

Source: http://www.bmcproject.org/History/1950s.htm Duberman, Martin. "Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community", W.W.Norton, 1993 Last updated 11/18/01

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