A black sheep is someone who stands out from his or her family or peers. It usually has a bit of a negative (or at least rebellious) connotation.

Black Sheep, a tribe of Turkomans, so called from their standard.

A black sheep; a disgrace to the family; a mauvais sujet; a workman who will not join in a strike.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

Black Sheep is a 2006 movie from New Zealand best categorized as a "B" horror flick. Its low budget effects and snarky script are thoroughly amusing for folks looking for a bloody (ahem) good laugh.

Plot: Deranged sheep farmer creates mutated zombie sheep that get out of control and eat humans - turning the humans into zombie sheep/human hybrids. It's amazing.

The acting is dreadful, the plot is hilarious, and the script is delightfully snarky. There is blood, guts, bad effects, and even a little beastiality implicated. The main characters who need to save the day are the ovinophobic brother of the psycho-farmer, a militant, grossly mislead PETA-esque woman; a good looking farmhand - who you really wonder if the ovinoiphobic brother has a thing for even though he kisses the woman; and an older woman who has obviously been taking care of the family for years and loves her shotgun. It's also possible the three young folks end in a polycule - you be the judge. Also important to note, the dog does not die.

This is especially appropriate to watch, and probably much funnier, if you are familiar and have participated in sheep farming, shearing, and butchering. I happened to watch this after I butchered several lambs, finishing some parts of the process by headlamp, and looking up to see the glowing eyes of the rest of the herd staring at me.

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