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On Everything 2 the "bless" command is available to the gods usergroup only. The function grants a user 10 GP. This is usually in reward for a particularly good writeup or being extremely helpful in the chatterbox.

You can check how many times you've been blessed by looking in on the Golden Trinkets document. Each 'trinket' was one blessing.

A similar command is the "sanctify" command, which can be activated by any user over Level 11, either by using the /sanctify Everything2 Chatterbox Commands/command in the Chatterbox, or by clicking on the "sanctify" link while visiting another user's homenode. Sanctifications transfer 10 GP from the bestower to the recipient.

You can see how many times your fellow users have sanctified you by visiting Silver Trinkets.

See the voting/experience system for details on GP, XP and levels on E2.

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