Probably you thought you didn't need to get through life without this precious knowledge, ...but you were wrong.

The first rule of bubble blowing is the mixture - it should contain glycerol to make the bubble stronger. (I cannot tell you why, for you are not (all) chemists).

If you are using your hands to blow the bubbles, form a bubble surface across the oval bounded by your thumb and forefinger on each hand touching. That is to say, your four fingertips meet as if you were cupping your hands to shout.

The most important part is the control over your breath. Like a fragile animal made by a powerful god, you are breathing life into this bubble. Your breath should be steady but slow, adjusting itself to the size and thickness of the bubble bilayer. Only experience will teach you this.

Alternatively, you can use one of those little plastic hoops you get in bubble kits, but that's cheating. Only the satisfaction of getting a free-floating bubble the size of a small melon will do...

How To Blow Bubbles
With Bubblegum
Not a comprehensive guide.

A few simple steps for those learning how to blow bubbles.

  1. First you need some bubblegum. Normally one piece is enough to blow a good bubble. Sometimes two. Considering you are just a beginner, stick with that amount. Chew it up really well to make it nice and elastic. This should take 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Now, using your tongue, make the now elastic bubblegum into a ball in your mouth. (Just roughtly circular, it doesn't have to be perfect.)
  3. Flatten the bubblegum ball against the roof of your mouth (using your tongue again. Most of bubble blowing technique involves your tongue.)
  4. Slide the flat bubblegum down so it rests behind your teeth (it is about to get tricky now!...)
  5. Slowly open your teeth and stick your tongue through the piece of bubble gum. Keep your mouth just open enough so your tongue scrapes on your teeth. That way, your teeth hold back part of the bubble gum so you can blow without it flying across the room.
  6. With puckered lips, quickly move your tongue out of the bubblegum while softly exhaling (I know it is a lot to ask at once, but that is what you have to do.) Your teeth should have held onto the outside of the bubblegum, and the indent made by your tongue should expand into a bubble. Remember not to blow to hard (you will break the bubble).
  7. Practice. No one gets it right the first time.
  8. One you get it you have two options:
    1. Suck the bubble back into your mouth and blow another or
    2. Close your mouth, sealing off the bubble, and go show someone.

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