Blue Gender is an anime series that was released in the United States in 2002. It is available on VHS and DVD, courtesy of FUNimation, the same people who brought you Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z.

The series stars Yuji Kaido, a young man that was diagnosed with a disease that doctors could not cure at the time (the year 2009). So, he was put into a form of cryo-stasis, to wait until medical science could cure him. However, in the year 2031, he is woken by a malfunction in his stasis unit, and finds that the lab where he has been kept has been destroyed, and the personnel, as well as most of the other patients, dead.

Shortly after his awakening, Yuji encounters the cause of the death and destruction surrounding him - giant bug-like creatures, that are later named Blue. Standing little chance against a Blue, Yuji enters a whining/whimpering fit that is reminiscent of those had by Shinji Ikari in the well known anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE). Before the Blue can consume him, though, Yuji is saved by a giant mech, called a Shrike, and its pilot, Marlene Angel.

From there Marlene takes Yuji back to her squad to fill him in on the events that have passed while he was sleeping. After some convincing, and more encounters with Blue, Yuji decides that he will help Marlene and the remaining human forces to destroy the Blue, before it's too late.

Overall, the series is decent, when compared to anime giants like NGE, and Cowboy Bebop, with respect to animation, story, and voice acting. One noticeable negative side to Blue Gender, though, is the use of character clichés. For example, Yuji is the reluctant, whiny type, like Shinji from NGE. And Marlene is much like Rei, also from NGE, in that she is somewhat emotionless and follows orders without question, but comes to realize her human emotions and individuality as the series progresses. However, despite all that, I would still recommend Blue Gender, if not to buy, then at least to rent, or download from Kazaa.

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