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There are many words that can be used to describe The Blue Nile--words like "sweeping," "majestic," "gorgeous" and "unearthly." Over the past ten years, the Glasgow-based trio have released just two albums. In the process, they've built a passionate word-of-mouth following.

Formed in Glasgow, Scotland, in the early 1980's by three hometown graduates, the Blue Nile comprises Paul Buchanan (singer, songwriter and guitarist), Robert Bell (bass) and Paul Joseph Moore (keyboards)toured with Ricki Lee Jones in the late 80's.

Legendary for its perfectionism, the Glasgow trio Blue Nile has long been a favorite of Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, and Bryan Ferry. Elegant composed arrangements, poetic lyrics, and influences ranging from Mahler to Marvin Gaye. There is rumor that the will be releasing a new album in 2000.


  • A Walk Across The Rooftops (1984)
  • Hats (1989)

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