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Blue Submarine No. 6 is a japanese anime series that began in late 1998/1999 to try merging new age digital animation with traditional anime style character design. What eventually happened was a short 4 part series that showed how promising and feasible it actually is.

Blue Submarine no. 6 (Aonorokugo) takes place in the near future, the oceans have risen, causing all land at sea level to be flooded. With the expansion of the oceans, humanity has found a new enemy in the traitorous Zorndyke. A war has erupted between the surface dwellers and the sea dwellers, and mankind is placing all of its hopes in the new vessel Blue Submarine No. 6 and her crew.

This series boasts great character design, superior digital animation, and near flawless intergration of the two. Its highly action-packed, and the plot is quite interesting. Another overlooked aspect is the sound. The sound has been mastered in Dolby digital 5.1, and with surround sound, it's quite amazing.

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