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The name of a device designed to artificially stimulate the skeletal muscles of the body in a bid to tone them and build them up (hypertrophy).

It works using a number of pads about 5 inches x 3 inches, which are placed onto the part of the body, usually the abdominals, that you require to "tone". They are held onto the body using elastic belts.

These pads are connected to a main control box through wires, and cause the muscles they are placed on to contract by providing electrical stimuli through the skin. Dampening the pads beforehand improves conductivity.

The intensity of the electrical signals can then be changed via the control box.

Bodi-Tek, along with many other similar devices on the market aim themselves towards the naive fitness beginner who believes that this single purchase will transform them into the slim, toned individual they've always wanted to be. Unfortunately this is a false preconception.

These devices do not burn fat, they do not build muscle, and also provide very little toning. I won't go into the science of it all, but basically the electrical signals produced do not penetrate deep into the muscle and do not stimulate the fibres effectively enough to provide any really benefit.

Their only real benefit comes in speeding up the rehabilitation of an injury. So save your £100 fools!

And under no circumstances place the pads on your bollocks!

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