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Bohemond VI was the son of Bohemond V by Luciana, a daughter of the count of Segni, nephew of Innocent III. Born in 1237, Bohemond VI succeeded his father in 1251, and was knighted by St Louis in 1252. His sister Plaisance had married in 1250 Henry I of Cyprus, the son of Hugh I; and the Cypriot connexion of Antioch, originally formed by the marriage of Bohemond V and Alice, the widow of Hugh I, was thus maintained. In 1252 Bohemond VI established himself in Antioch, leaving Tripoli to itself, and in 1257 he procured the recognition of his nephew, Hugh II, the son of Henry I by Plaisance, as king of Jerusalem. He allied himself to the Mongols against the advance of the Egyptian sultan; but in 1268 he lost Antioch to Bibars, and when he died in 1275 he was only count of Tripoli.

Being the entry for BOHEMUND VI in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, the text of which lies within the public domain.

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