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Bolton is a community of 12000 people in Ontario, Canada, situated on the Humber River. Formerly it was part of the township of Albion, yet since 1974 it has been part of the township of Caledon, in the Region of Peel, a half-hour North of Toronto.

It was named after the Englishman George Bolton, who had the first mill of the region built for him by his brother or uncle (the records are unclear on this last), James Bolton.

George was the founder of the community of Bolton but James' children laid claim to the distinction. They bought back the mill and the land in 1834, becoming prominent members of the community.

Bolton soon had the highest population density, and became the central mail depot for the whole area. Bolton developed its own council, and expanded its borders into the Township of Albion, until it finally became part of Caledon.

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