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The Boston Whaler is a surprisingly wide array of boats. Versions run from eight foot small fishing models up to 27 foot versions used by government agencies and the military. The larger versions have a mostly open wheelhouse for one person, leaving the rest of the boat open for use for transporting things, such as Navy Seals with guns, lots of guns

The original Boston Whaler was created in 1958 by the Fisher-Pierce manufacturing company. The brand has bounced around due to the difficulty in having a steady income with boat manufacturers. It's currently owned by Brunswick.

The boat design is very low, and it has surprisingly excellent handling in rough seas. With the open area, it can take a very large load, which is why the Coast Guard and Navy love them. They were used in the Vietnam War, and have a very loyal following. While the original boats were manufactured in Boston, the current factory is located in Florida.

The original hull design was a tri-hull v-shape, and since it was so low, it could use a lower horsepower motor to get around, saving substantial money in the process. The newer designs use a deep-V hull.

If you're interested in buying one, I suggest checking the government surplus websites. These boats come up often, especially the larger ones like the 27-footers. If you don't mind bidding, they can be picked up with a substantial savings.

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