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Eight miles in length, the "eje" is the main thoroughfare running through León, Guanajuato. It is an 8-lane monstrosity with numerous "rotundas" (roundabouts/traffic circles) at the major intersections and is very much in need of redesigning by civil engineers, preferably into some sort of limited-access freeway with service drives. It turns into the León-Silao highway at its intersection with the Periferico (the Mexican city planner's answer to highway loops/spurs).

The speed limit in the "fast lane" is 80kph, the speed limit in the left central lane is 60kph and the speed limit in the right central lane is 50kph. The right lane is reserved for the citywide bus transportation system (i.e. buses are the only vehicles allowed in this lane unless you're planning on making a right turn).

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