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This is a trademark name for a product that is basically a paste extracted from cows. Sold in small jars, it is very dark brown, thick to spread, and tastes of beef.

Popular applications include spreading it on bread or toast. Some people add it to hot water to make a warming drink.

I remember being fed it as a child when visited a friend's house and it made me throw up. I've never had any since. According to friends, Vegemite is a similar product that is popular in Australia. Marmite is a similar looking brown spread, but is based on yeast instead of beef. It makes me sick too, but I do use it as an ingredient for home made wine.

Bovril is a pretty old product and old Bovril advertising posters and promotional items are very collectable.

As a personal aside, Bovril is the name of one of my cats. He is the same colour and the real reason for this node :)

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