The only high school in Bozeman, Montana as of now. Increadibly overcrowded. A fairly decent high school as far as they go.

Somewhat more clique tolerant than many high schools out there, although, as soon as homosexuality is brought up the homophobes will begin to show themselves.

Recently rated one of the 500 best high schools in America.

A fairly liberal school (well, for Montana anyway) with a diproportionate number of democrats and greens.

Dominates over other Montana schools in sports, music, speach and debate, etc. Most likely due to our huge student base and the nearby college.

Know offically as Bozeman Senior High School, but that is redundant due to the fact that there is no Bozeman junior high school, we call it a middle school.

On a side note we have the highest AP European History exam pass rate.

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