Expanding on what whimsy has said, Brighton is indeed the multicultural and varied place that he says it is. However, it is not just a place to shop, and the North Laine and Churchill Square are not the only places to go, even if shopping is your thing.

If indeed it is, you might also consider visiting the Lanes, a network of small streets where jewellers and antique shops are abundant. Also, a quick trip down Western Road should satisfy the majority of shopaholics

When you bore of shopping, try heading for the seafront, where you can go on some insane rides on the Palace Pier, hire some inline skates along the promenade, or simply enjoy an ice cream on the beach.

Brighton Marina is another place to visit, especially if boats are your thing, although it also boasts a cinema, bowlplex and the best skate shop in town. I'm also informed by the Guinness Book of World Records that it's the largest man-made marina in the world. Impressive, huh?

When it comes to the evenings, Brighton boasts an active and varied night life, ranging from all manner of night clubs to a trip to the theatre royal.

Whatever you do in Brighton though, makes sure you watch out for Big Issue sellers, beggars, and people who generally will just try to sell you stuff on the street

Anyway, don't be scared off by them. Come visit sometime! I've lived here for 16 years, and I'm still discovering new places and things to do. As much as I hate to agree with the county council's blatant arrogance, Brighton really is the place to be.

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