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I hardened a piece of my heart today
A piece forever stowed away
I moulded it to my will like clay today
To cover up the shard that fell away
You see, I did so to be able to walk away

In time I’ll be fine, I say
There never was an intention to stay
I cover the mould in a layer of bronze
To hide the cracks in my sculpture of clay
You see, I had to harden my heart today

I forget all that was good, you see
To allow my will to remain free
I cover my work with a jade black shroud
To spare it any and all ungentle sounds
You see, I had to hide my heart away

As the changing seasons unfold
My hands seem to quiver, as with coming winter
When I stumble at the foot of where my shrine once lay
My defiant structure all but crumbled
Leaving nothing more than pieces of bronze, linen and clay

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