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The third in a group of specialized science high schools in New York City that requires an entrance exam. Since Brooklyn Technical High School (BTHS) requires the lowest score for acceptance on the exam, there's often teasing going around as it being the easiest. Most alumni will disagree with you, though.

It may have the most laid back attitude and least stress of the three sister schools, but its diverse and large student population and sheer number of academic and extra-curricular options and paths make it one of the more internally competitive and enjoyable schools to attend.

While Stuyvesant gets all the funding and the new, pretty building, BTHS still has most of its original attached wooden desks intact from decades ago when it was an all boys school. Stuyvesant's got elevators and escalators since the kids are so damn fried mentally...BTHS strategically placed the cafeteria on the seventh Floor and it's guaranteed that you'll have something on the second floor right before lunch. Strolling in late will find you walking right past the dean's office, and they'll always welcome you with the familiar glare. Interestingly enough, in the battle between the specialized high schools, Bronx Science may be the most famous, but the comparisons have always been between BTHS and Stuy.

Some Facts I remember:

  • Located at 29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11219.
  • There is a giant olympic sized pool is in the basement
  • There's a giant foundry on the 8th floor
  • On any given day, there are nearly 5,000 people in the building
  • The current principle is Dr. Lee D. McCaskill (who is a major asshole in comparison to his predecessor)
  • The school colors are navy blue and white
  • The girl's gym is on the 8th floor
  • The boy's gym is on one of the lower floors, with an 1/16th mile running track near the ceiling
  • The auditorium has been compared in size to Radio City Music Hall
  • Most importantly, the security guards are easily bribed :)

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