Bull's"-eye` (?), n.

1. Naut.

A small circular or oval wooden block without sheaves, having a groove around it and a hole through it, used for connecting rigging.


A small round cloud, with a ruddy center, supposed by sailors to portend a storm.


A small thick disk of glass inserted in a deck, roof, floor, ship's side, etc., to let in light.


A circular or oval opening for air or light.


A lantern, with a thick glass lens on one side for concentrating the light on any object; also, the lens itself.


6. Astron.

Aldebaran, a bright star in the eye of Taurus or the Bull.

7. Archery & Gun.

The center of a target.


A thick knob or protuberance left on glass by the end of the pipe through which it was blown.


A small and thick old-fashioned watch.



© Webster 1913.

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