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Buppies are black yuppies, yes, sound like fun? Okay. Think the “Cosby Show” and the Huxtable family.

Buppie kids have two options when it comes to university:
  1. A Historically Black University
  2. An Ivy

Buppie Jobs Include:
  1. Consultant
  2. Investment Banker
  3. Doctor
  4. Lawyer
  5. Engineer (no architects!)
  6. Computer Scientist**

Buppies Must:
  1. Dress conservatively
  2. Avoid becoming involved in social activism
  3. Have a nice car(s)
  4. Hate Rap
  5. Like Martin Luther King but never Malcolm X

Nearly every black person I meet says they aren’t a buppie, but then they get in their Saab, and as I watch them drive away I say “hmmm? Really..” Buppies are just a bad as yuppies, if not worse since they tend to have some repressed anger since they had a rougher time becoming pasty, white bread, assembly line minded drones who blindly serve a twisted social and political system. This makes them passive aggressive and since they are always concerned that they will be confused with the “other black people” they are also arrogant and racist (towards blacks AND whites!)

This node was written by a former buppie (I hope) turned anarchist. If it seems harsh just remember that “we hate those who resemble ourselves the most.” I’m no exception. Cheers.

**Computer scientists cannot be too geeky if they are to be buppies! Playing RPGs or knowing what “all your base are belong to us” is about disqualifies you!!

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